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Oh, that new sponge feeling!

Still cleaning with that stinky, old sponge?

You deserve a new kind of clean. A fresh, new sponge everyday. Then throw it away. No germs. No looking back. 

Oh, and no guilt. They're 100% biodegradable.

your new clean means

scrub for the day & throw it away (really!)

Smell ya later (or better yet, never).

wet it

watch it expand

scrub it

get cleaning

throw it

ditch that dirty sponge

. . . and get excited for that new sponge feeling again tomorrow!


your new clean means

all of the scrubbing power
& none of the ick

Use them everywhere, use them every time!

You'll never have to reach for, smell, or clean with (yikes!) a dirty sponge again.

  • germ free

  • scratch free

  • all purpose

  • sized right 

  • dual action 

  • heavy duty 

your new clean means

all of the clean & none of the guilt

Now that's what we call a win-win.


Your new clean means

big scrubbing power with a small footprint

30 scrub sponges compressed for easy storage

and shipped in a compact 3" square box.


"The best!"

These are the best! I love cleaning with them, and best of all, they don’t have that disgusting, stale smell that all of my other sponges do. I love how the backside of the sponge can scrape the yuckies off of my pots and pans! So happy with my monthly subscription :)

Cari M.

"No more icky sponges"

Love my sponge! Does a great job as a scrubber also! When it gets dirty, I can just throw it away! No more icky sponges.

MaryBeth B.


The sponges are amazing! Work on everything & love that at the end of the day, I am disposing of the grime & germs with an eco friendly product that won't sit in a landfill.

Alicen D.

unnamed (3)_edited.png

want to save while you scrub?

Bundle & Save

Buy our bundle and save over 30%.

Each box is a 3" square, so storage is a breeze. 


what we're all about

a new kind of clean

It’s just a sponge, some might say.

A little tool that sits in the heart of our homes, cleans the dishes we eat from, wipes our counters, scrubs our tubs.


That's a big, dirty job for just one sponge. So why are we using it again and again? Why are we keeping it around until it smells? Why aren't we cleaning with something that's... clean?


We dreamed of a new kind of clean. Of a world where the dirty, stinky sponge is something you only read about in history books. Where starting each morning with a fresh, new sponge is common, expected, and dare we say... looked forward to! The tiniest luxury amid those mundane chores. 

So, in the name of every nose that's ever been on the wrong side of a ripe sponge whiff, we made Scrub & Throw. And, we're so excited to share it with you. 


the not-so-dirty details

  • Why clean with a new scrub sponge every day?
    Research has shown that kitchen sponges may contain more active bacteria than anywhere else in the house, including the toilet! Research has also shown that sponges may contain pathogenic bacteria, like E. coli and salmonella, that can lead to disease. Not to mention, who wants to clean with a dirty, old sponge! Scrub & Throw's 1 Day Scrub Sponges are new and clean, every day.
  • Why clean with a zero-waste scrub sponge?
    Short answer. Because the earth is awesome. ​ Long answer. Because most other scrub sponges, even many that claim to be environmentally friendly, are pesticide-soaked, made with oil, release microplastics right down your kitchen drain into the ocean, and fill our landfills with nylon, polyester, foam and many more man-made waste that will remain there forever. ​ Scrub & Throw scrub sponges do the same job as your traditional scrub sponge and create zero waste. They biodegrade in about 30 days, are made entirely of loofah (which is a vegetable), require zero oil for production, are a renewable resource, contain zero plastics, glues, dyes, pesticides, detergents, antimicrobials, or chemicals of any kinds. And, they're vegan-- did you know that some natural sponges are made from once-living sea creatures?!? Scrub and Throw scrub sponges deliver guilt-free scrubbing at its finest.
  • What types of household items can be cleaned using Scrub & Throw scrub sponges?
    Scrub & Throw scrub sponges can be used on dishes, countertops, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, high chairs, toys, pet cages, windows, walls and anywhere else that needs a good scrubbing.
  • Are Scrub & Throw scrub sponges safe for ceramic and non-stick pans?
    Yes! Scrub & Throw scrub sponges are safe for ceramic and non-stick pans. They are scratch-free and all purpose. Use them everywhere. Use them every time.
  • How do I store 30 scrub sponges?
    Easily! Shipped in a surprisingly compact 3 inch square box, our sponges come compressed and looking like crackers! Don't eat them though. Instead, rinse them under water and watch them expand!
  • Is Scrub & Throw's packaging eco-friendly?
    Yes! Scrub & Throw's zero waste scrub sponges are packaged in 100% eco-friendly kraft paper boxes.
  • Can I use Scrub & Throw scrub sponges on my body?
    Yes, in fact, you can! Made of 100% all-natural loofah, Scrub & Throw scrub sponges are safe and effective body exfoliators!
  • How do I purchase Scrub & Throw products?
    You can purchase Scrub & Throw products right here on our website. Alternatively, you purchase Scrub & Throw products at the following online retailers:
  • How do I become a Scrub & Throw retailer?
    If you would like to become a Scrub & Throw retailer, please contact


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